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Referral Details

Referral Terms


Snowball Media & Advertising is committed to compensating Affiliates for their successful referrals. A successful referral is defined as one where the referred party becomes a client/customer of the company, resulting in a payment transaction.

In the event that a referral, meeting the specifications outlined in the section above, does not convert into a client/customer of Snowball Media & Advertising through no fault of the Affiliate or the company, it will be considered an unsuccessful referral.

Snowball Media & Advertising will remunerate the Affiliate within thirty (30) days of the completion of a referral project, coupled with the receipt of payment. Completion of a referral project is determined by either the successful engagement of the new client/customer or clear confirmation that the referral will not materialize into a new client/customer. Your efforts are valued, and we ensure prompt compensation for your successful referrals.


Throughout the duration of this Agreement, there may arise a need for Snowball Media & Advertising to disclose proprietary information, encompassing trade secrets, industry insights, and other confidential data, to facilitate the Affiliate's pursuit of potential referrals. The Affiliate is expressly prohibited from sharing any such proprietary information at any point.

Furthermore, the Affiliate agrees not to exploit or use any of the disclosed proprietary information for personal gain. This obligation persists even after the Agreement's termination, whether through natural conclusion or early termination by either party.

This provision remains fully enforceable and applicable, underscoring the enduring commitment to safeguarding the confidentiality of proprietary information shared between Snowball Media & Advertising and the Affiliate.


Either party reserves the right to terminate this Agreement with a written notice of 15 days to the other party. In the event of termination, the Company is obligated to remit to the Affiliate all outstanding compensation for referrals made before the termination date but not yet disbursed. This ensures a fair and timely settlement of any outstanding financial obligations upon the conclusion of the Agreement.

Representations and Warranties

Both parties affirm that they possess full authorization to enter into this Agreement. The execution of duties and obligations by either party shall not contravene or encroach upon the rights of any third party, nor shall it breach any existing agreement between the parties individually, or with any other person, organization, or business.

Furthermore, such performance will be in strict compliance with all applicable laws and governmental regulations. This mutual representation underscores the commitment to conducting business in a legally sound and ethically responsible manner.